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This could be a page as a portfolio on my site but I know a lot of you will be asking questions as to what can be done with optimizepress. I have a lot of clients saying that all optimizepress sites look the same, there is a bit of truth in that but let me draw the true picture.

In fact, it is quite true that most of the minisites built with Optimizepress look alike, but there is a very profound reason behind it as well, the designs have been tested to convert well.

Optimizepress has been designed bearing your conversion rates in mind and you wouldn’t want any sort of fancy/ugly design that would just hurt your sales.

Now nothing should hold you back from getting your own type of squeezepage, salesletter or blog designed and then integrated with Optimizepress. According to my experience, pretty much anything can be coded on Optimizepress. Let me show you some conventional and some unconventional designs.

Standard ones are:



www.secretpathtomotherhood.com ( clickbank )


A blog that a bit less conventional:


A new one (Friday 6th of March 2013 ) : http://www.slimandtrimprotocol.com

I will keep adding to this list as soon as I get a chance.

Check Our Porfolio more Examples, Click HERE



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